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School Community Council

As directed by the State Board of Education and the State Legislature, each school is to have a School Community Council (SCC) made up of parents and/or legal guardians whose children attend the school. The SCC provides input on school improvement plans as well as various other school related activities and concerns which includes LAND Trust funds from the state (approx. $65,000/year). This council meets a minimum of four times per year. All parents are welcome to attend SCC meetings.

School Community Council




Candie Checketts, Principal 801-254-8043
Eric Veenendaal, Council Chair 801-842-5581
Heather Fisher, Parent 801-642-1040
Tara Chase, Parent 801-842-2407
Abbie Richman, Parent 801-842-2820
Seth Otteson, Educator 801-254-8043

An election was held October 16th - 20th.

School Community Council Meeting Schedule:

*Meetings will be held at 4:30 pm in the Media Center at Rosamond Elementary, unless otherwise specified.

2023-2024 School Year

Date Agenda Minutes
November 8, 2023 SCCAgendaNov2023 SCCMinutesNov2023
February 13, 2024 SCCAgendaFeb2024 SCCMinutesFeb2024
March 19, 2024 SCCAgendaMar2024 SCCMinutesMar2023
May 7, 2024 SCCAgendaMay2024 SCCMinutesMay2024

*Meeting dates & times are subject to change.  Updates will be posted.

2022-2023 School Year

Date Agenda Minutes
October 13, 2022 SCCAgendaOct2022 SCC_Min_Oct2022
January 12, 2023 SCCAgendaJan2023 SCC_Min_Jan2023
March 14, 2023 SCCAgendaMar2023 SCC_Min_Mar2023
May 11, 2023 SCCAgendaMay2023 SCC Min May2023

*Meeting dates & times are subject to change.  Updates will be posted.