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Bus Information


ARE YOU ELIGIBLE TO RIDE THE BUS?  Check your address here:

The Rosamond School Community Council met and as directed by state law and district policy, made the recommendation that “non-eligible” students who live outside the Busing Boundary Area be given an opportunity to apply for a busing permit.

Busing Permits will be issued based on the School Community Council’s eligibility recommendations:

  • “Non-eligible” students living the greatest distance from the school and/or closest to the nearest bus stop, who submit a Busing Request for Ineligible Students Application, and are willing to travel to one of the established bus stops, will be issued a busing permit.
  • Priority will be given to “non-eligible” families living closest to the established bus stop, meeting the criteria above.
  • Busing permits will be awarded early in September. Parents will be notified of permit approval.

***  See Office for a "Busing Request for Ineligible Students" Application