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School Information

Rosamond Elementary, located in Riverton City in south Salt Lake Valley, serves students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Rosamond enjoys support from a rural community interested in providing a healthy family environment and a small city interested in the Arts and varied recreational opportunities.

Rosamond maintains high standards of excellence which encourage students to reach for their highest academic potential. Teachers use a variety of strategies to meet individual learning needs and help students develop problem solving skills. Rosamond classrooms are stimulating, upbeat and positive.

  • Rosamond serves over 600 students on a traditional calendar.
  • The school opened in 1983 and was remodeled in 1997 to provide self-contained classroom space.
  • The pupil/teacher ratio is 1 to 22.30 in first grade, 1 to 23.10 in second grade, 1 to 24.60 in third grade, and 1 to 26.70 in grades four, five and six. The actual class sizes vary.
  • Rosamond has a number of faculty members who hold advanced degrees and endorsements such as ESL and Gifted and Talented.
  • Teachers are evaluated annually.
  • The curriculum meets or exceeds District and state standards.
  • Teachers work in teams so that all of the students in the grade may benefit from each teacher’s special skill in foreign language, science, technology, music, physical education, etc.
  • Rosamond students are expected to dress modestly and treat others with respect.
  • Parents are asked to call the school if their child is going to be absent.
  • Hot lunch and breakfast programs are provided daily.
  • Students who live 1.5 miles or more away from school receive bus service.
  • A school lab of 35 computers is available for student use. All students have computer instruction once a week. Mobile Labs and AlphaSmarts are also available for student use.
  • Visitors are always welcome and asked to check in at the office upon arrival. School tours may be arranged upon request.
  • We have an active PTA, School Community Council, and Volunteer Program.