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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Candie Checketts Candie Checketts Principal
Photo of Teresa Rossetti Teresa Rossetti Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Elizabeth Bleak Elizabeth Bleak Administrative Assistant
Photo of Elaine Fuller Elaine Fuller Office Assistant
Photo of Justi Lundeberg Justi Lundeberg Registrar/Records


Photo of Sarah Dawson Sarah Dawson Teacher
Photo of Noelle Rizer Noelle Rizer Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Ericka Gowans Ericka Gowans Teacher
Photo of Morgan Kochevar Morgan Kochevar Teacher
Photo of Tina Price Tina Price Teacher
Photo of Staci White Staci White Teacher

2nd Grade

Photo of Alex Anderson Alex Anderson Teacher
Photo of Marcia Slichta Marcia Slichta Teacher
Photo of Janine Thompson Janine Thompson Teacher
Photo of Susan Warnock Susan Warnock Teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Dorothy Dockstader Dorothy Dockstader Teacher
Photo of Katie Sebrands Katie Sebrands Teacher
Photo of Susan Stokes Susan Stokes Teacher
Photo of Allyson Vietti Allyson Vietti Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Jana Conche Jana Conche Teacher
Photo of Janet Crane Janet Crane Teacher
Photo of Holly Keele Holly Keele Teacher
Photo of Rachel Van Orden Rachel Van Orden Teacher
Photo of Nicole Williams Nicole Williams Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Rebecca Barnhurst Rebecca Barnhurst Teacher
Photo of Angelique Boyles Angelique Boyles Teacher
Photo of Seth Otteson Seth Otteson Teacher
Photo of Kaiya Stark Kaiya Stark Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Kristine Kimball Kristine Kimball Teacher
Photo of Machelle Rogers Machelle Rogers Teacher
Photo of Kim Vance Kim Vance Teacher


Photo of Callie Ayre Callie Ayre Speech Pathologist
Photo of Jill Banks Jill Banks Aide
Photo of Satomi Juergens Satomi Juergens Preschool Assistant
Photo of Julie Wilson Julie Wilson Preschool


Photo of Natalie Barton Natalie Barton Cafeteria Manager
Photo of Jody Butterfield Jody Butterfield Cafeteria
Photo of Shellie Nokes Shellie Nokes Cafeteria

Classroom Assistants

No entries found.

Special Education

Photo of Mindy Dibble Mindy Dibble Resource Assistant
Photo of Christie Jarrard Christie Jarrard Resource
Photo of Shauna Jensen Shauna Jensen Resource
Photo of Lori Young Lori Young Resource Assistant


Photo of Joycelyn Araya Joycelyn Araya School Psychologist
Photo of April Barnes April Barnes Teacher
Photo of Kevin Boren Kevin Boren Custodian
Photo of Glenda Butikofer Glenda Butikofer Instructional Coach
Photo of Jennifer Egan Jennifer Egan Speech Pathologist
Photo of Terryl Glick Terryl Glick Librarian
Photo of Bethany Hillary Bethany Hillary Speech Pathologist