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Kindergarten Readiness

taken from Parent's Magazine, May 2001

Signs your child is a good candidate 
for kindergarten:

  • Gets along in a group and is interested in making friends
  • Is able to choose an activity and stick with it
  • Is able to sit and listen to a story
  • Is comfortable following a routine
  • Has sufficiently developed fine motor skills so he/she can manipulate a pencil or crayon for drawing or writing , and scissors for cutting.
  • Is interested in looking at books and being read to
  • Expresses an interest in learning
  • Can communicate needs to adults

Signs your child may benefit from being 
given another year at home:

  • Doesn't know how to assert himself/herself; allows other children to take his/her playthings or infringe on her/her space.
  • Lacks impulse control; tends to settle disputes by hitting, biting or crying instead of using words.
  • Is excessively anxious about separating from parents
  • Has difficulty sitting still to listen to a story
  • Has a short attention span for projects and activities
  • Is developmentally delayed in a particular area, such as language, gross or fine motor skills
  • Isn't interested in writing his/her name or learning and recognizing letters or numbers