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The Big 3 and School Handbook

Big 3 - Roadrunner Code of Conduct

Students at Rosamond are well-behaved and demonstrate the values of our Roadrunner Big 3 - Respect, Responsibility and Safety. This year we will also be learning about the "Heartprint" our actions leave on others, and focusing on choosing kindness.

We explicitly teach what these values look like in each area of the school to students (i.e. what does respect look like in the office, what does safety look like on the playground). You can view a printable version of what we call the Big 3 Matrix, which details behavior expectations in each area of the school. Students are expected to follow the behavior expectations detailed in the matrix. The Big 3 become the "Why" behind other specific rules.

Students who demonstrate the BIG 3 are being good examples to their peers.  Leaders are examples. Students caught being leaders are positively reinforced by the intrinsic benefits, verbal praise, and may receive a "Heartprint" ticket. Once students collect enough "Heartprint" tickets, they will be able to turn them into the office for a token to use in our Token Tower. A bi-monthly drawing will be held for larger prizes.

Big 3 - Roadrunner Code of Conduct

School Handbook

This handbook is intended to provide a written description of our policies, procedures and programs. Many, but not all of these topics, may be covered in other parts of this website or elsewhere, but this is a consolidated/printable version. Rosamond Elementary School Handbook 19-20