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Rosamond Building

"Look Within"


Information packets will be coming home this week for 2019-20 PTA Reflections.  Entries may be submitted in the gym Thursday and Friday, October 17th and 18th before school.  Find your creative side!  We'd love to see you all enter.



Our Roadrunner Rally was a HUGE success - THANKS to all of you!!!  We want to give a shout-out to Linzie Middleton, our PTA president, for all the work that went into organizing, planning and pulling off this amazing event.  In her inaugural year, she braved our first ever Color Run, and the kids had a blast!  (There were a few grown-ups who had a pretty good time as well.  Great job, Miss Linzie!)  We also appreciate Sue Redington, our School Community Council Chairperson, for all of her help.  It would be impossible to name everyone, but THANK YOU to our PTA and School Community Council - they are truly fabulous!  Thank you to our teachers, who supported the rally, and stayed late to help run things.  Thank you to our community volunteers and sponsors.  Thank you to our incredible students, and thank you to all of our wonderful parents.  Rosamond is truly the best place to be!  Together, we raised $24,332.31 to support programs and enrichment for students at Rosamond this year!!!




In order to be in compliance with new Utah State Law, our Jordan District Volunteer Policy has been updated.  Please note the following updated volunteer approval process, effective immediately:

  1. Parents, or anyone, wishing to volunteer in class or on field trips will now be asked to watch a 29-minute Code of Conduct video from home, then sign a Code of Conduct Signature Form verifying that they have watched it.
  2. Prospective volunteers may then bring the signed Code of Conduct Signature Form with them to the school to fill out a Volunteer Background Check Form (this is a new form; the district will no longer accept the old one) and have it signed by the principal.
  3. The last step is to take the signed Volunteer Background Check Form to the Jordan District Offices and have fingerprints taken.  There is NO CHARGE to applicants for this.
  4. When Background Checks are complete, an approval will be sent to us to keep on file, and the applicant may then volunteer at school or on field trips.
  5. Volunteer Background Check Forms will need to be submitted EVERY YEAR.  Fingerprinting only needs to be completed ONCE.

*Parents/Volunteers who have already completed the Background Check this year are also required to watch the Code of Conduct Training Video and turn in signed Code of Conduct Form.

We LOVE our volunteers!  You do so much for our school - THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for supporting us as we make this shift here at Rosamond, and THANK YOU for helping to keep our students safe.  


New Student Enrollment

If you are new to Rosamond, please bring an original birth certificate and immunization record for each child, along with proof of residency (utility bill, mortgage statement, etc.) to the office beginning August 5th.


*10 Hour/Week Breakfast Duty Assistant                    7:00 - 9:00 AM

If interested go to:  Click on JOB OPPORTUNITIES - APPLY HERE, then: Classified APPLY HERE.  Check boxes for Classroom Assistant I and Rosamond Elementary.  Search for above positions, √ position, Apply for Selected Position.

After applying please contact Candie Checketts or Debbie in the office starting as soon as possible:

clipart_board-meetingNext School Community Council Meeting:

November 19, 2019      5:00